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So Christmas is coming and we all know it is, you can hear the music playing continuously whilst shopping and see all that sparkles and glitters in the shopping aisle and down the street.

So what are you going to be giving this Christmas, for me I am going to make some treats for people and also buy as little plastic as possible.

First step - Vintage is in, and Upcycling even more so, so go hunting for some beautiful vintage tea cup sets, plates or the old sherry bottles, even a nice little tea pot, whatever beautiful thing you can find.

Vintage goodies to inspire your pressie


Now you have the start of a beautiful, unique and yummy Christmas present.

So here is my ideas and would love to hear yours to.

  • Chocolate and cinnamon suspiros

My goodness, these are just fabulous, I do add my own Christmas twist I substitute the 100grams of Chocolate for 50grams dried Cranberries, and 50grams chocolate suggested. I don’t use the Dutch Cocoa at the end either.

Also the preferred cooking time for me generally around 2hours, which makes a chewy centre which is delightful. But do a taste test along the way to really get it right!

Also make sure if you are doing a double batch not to put the tray to close to the bottom as this can burn the base. This is a devastating mistake I am not willing to risk again!

Now these need to be made and consumed within 1week, not that they usually last that long, so make them the day before you gift if possible.

Just tried something new too and it worked a treat, pop the suspiros mix into a lovely cupcake holder and results are fabulous, place into a little basket or on a platter to gift.

Link -

  • Homemade Vanilla Extract
I heard this recipe on ABC radio, from a CWA representative.
Sounded so simple and yummy I am going to try it, it will need to be made now for gifting at Christmas to make sure all the flavours develop.
- 1 whole Vanilla bean
- 1/2 Vanilla bean contents
- Vodka - enough to fill the small bottle or jar you are planning to fill as gift
Clean and sterilise the bottle or jar in hot water.
Slice the Whole Vanilla Bean and place in bottle or jar.
Fill the bottle or jar with Vodka.
Cut the other Vanilla bean in half, slice down the side of the half you are using and scrape the contents into the bottle or jar.
Seal the bottle or jar, shake a few times and pop in cupboard to settle in.
Give it a shake once or twice a week just to really let it develop and then it will be ready.

Use this as you would Vanilla Exact, I have been told that it tastes nothing like the Vanilla Exact you buy at your local supermarket, but it does taste better!! I like that.

Or maybe you have an excess of Lemons - you could try Moroccan Preserved Lemons

I have tried these before and they are so amazing, we used Meyer lemons as it was the type we had growing and the skin was smooth, soft and the flesh had a sweeter sour flavour.

Well now to wrap this all up! No sticky tape, no paper just good clean vintage fun.

All wrapped up for Christmas, no plastic, sticky tape just lovely re-usable and beautiful things.

I would love to hear your ideas on Christmas gifts too.










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