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Travel for me is all about the food, exploring via your palette, really enjoying the flavours of a new place, capturing its essence through food.

So there was no option really for this traveller than to go to Paris. The romance of the food markets got our hearts racing. It is a way of life, the artisanal approach to all food, the esteem that those artisans are held in and the beauty of their creations.

I know why it is a city for lovers, it is so attentive to its food, so loving in its approach, and really who wouldn’t fall in love eating gooey brie and fresh artisanal bread!

Booking an apartment in Paris was the best decision we made. The other one was to stay for 2weeks. It really gave us time to explore the food that we had read about.

Pre-trip reading: Our wonderful guides:

The Patisseries of Paris, this book really built the anticipation and excitement of the trip. Beautifully photographed, and as you can’t get everywhere, even in 2weeks, it helps you prioritise your trip, and if your heading to a particular arrondissement, then you can look up where to have lunch or afternoon tea! YUM!

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Markets of Paris by Ruthanne Long and Dixon Long.

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A wonderful couple, honest and enthusiastic about Paris and its markets.

They also give some fabulous tips on food, restaurants and cafes nearby.

The markets are in sections so whether it be craft, food or antiques you can choose according to your likes. 



Cheese by Patricia Michelson

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Beautifully photographed with regional information and thorough explanations that make you salivate whilst reading.

There is a large section on France but it also includes cheeses from other places, including Australia.

Not just a coffee table book!

Our first market experience in Paris - The Richard Lenoir market was around the corner from our apartment. It was such a joy to be able to pick & choose produce so close that we could head back to devour lunch on our terrace or put items in the fridge at the beginning of our day, ready for dinner after exploring the city, and returning with sore feet and hungry tummies.

Richard Lenoir market in Bastille, Paris

Richard Lenoir market - Biggest outdoor market in Paris on our doorstep...Magic







My tips for enjoying your experience:

1. Make sure you say Bonjour Madam/Monsieur before any transaction, it is a Paris courtesy.

2. Thursday is quieter than Sunday and you may be able to interact a little more with the vendors.

3. The hardest thing for me in Paris, was to remember not to touch the merchandise, in markets it is a little more relaxed as people expect you to get closer to the food, but don’t handle it unless you are buying it and only if it is fruit and veges. Remember you can always ask for a taste or recommendation.

4. Make sure at least once in your time, (unless your a vegetarian, obviously) you get the freshly roasted meats, pork or chicken they are fantastic with fresh bread it is heaven.

5. If your into cheese do a little research about the regions and what is best for the area, in Paris you can get cheese from all corners of France, it is worth your while to read up on cheese beforehand, although Cheese ‘roulette’ is fun too.

If you are in Paris you must try is the Brie de Meaux!

Our Sunday lunch - gathered from Richard Lenoir market

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