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When life gives you lemons, oranges and limes then candy the peel in honey

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In preparation for the Stackwood Food swap collaborative event with Kookery, I have collected a lot of citrus


Where the vintage trail leads me

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So this thing, this love of mine got me through the 90's wearing woollen cardigans, vintage clothes, the odd 70's tie all while the obligtory doc martin boots adorned my feet. Then the hunt became more about furnishing and kitchen, special pieces, an obsession with cutlery, ceramics and 'retro'.


Embrace your beautiful life

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It’s funny how a few little words can make such an impact on your day.


Tea pot shared

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It is funny how a warm beverage and conversation can lift you.

I have always done my best thinking and planning in a cafe or with a warm brew at home.


Kookery goes pink!

Written by in Nurture & Thoughts

Kookery goes pink for National Breast Cancer Foundation.


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