Perth Upmarket & Planning my new office

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Staging the packagingIt has been a while since our last market, so new designs, stock and a new line of Kitchen Prints have been designed, printed and await packaging. We are showcasing at Perth Upmarket this weekend, 4th March.

I have been trying to think of a new way to display items as well, so it is clearer and easier to look at. I have also started pricing everything individually as it seems to be the most successful way to let everyone know the price immediately.

I have been reading a lot about small business, reading blogs and generally thinking about how I can make Kookery something I can do full time. I have found Etsy has been really great tool for information and support for artists trying to ‘make it’. My favorite is ‘Quit your day job’ with really great advice and also encouragement from people doing it!

After meeting Bec from made it at our last Perth Upmarket, I started selling with them and have found that people can find me a little easier this way, and advertising on their site is reasonable and gets results.

So this is what I am planning to do with the help and advice gathered:

1 Build my range and continue to test the market

2 Make sure I listen to my customers, continue to make what sells best and build on it, look for to the customer demand, know what is selling well.

3 Start to wholesale my products to store ( InCube8r in Geelong, Melbourne & Orno Interiors, Highgate Perth )

4 Treat it as if it is my full time job/career (other than being a Mum to my little one)

5 Create a calm but energising space. And be as organised as possible

6 Enjoy it :)

Here’s my mood board for new office in our new house (1week to go!!) YAY!

New office mood board

I found this beautiful hand stitched textile at a swap meet, completed by someone who has never made into something useable.

I knew my husband wouldn’t like the colours but in my office, my own space, I can really make it mine. Ahh. Sounds so lovely.

I am going to make a cushion from it and it will create the colour scheme for the rest of the office.

And that is how this little piece of craft, started my office theme.



Hope to see you at Perth Upmarket or come and have a look online at my little store :)

Thanks Amy


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