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When life gives you lemons, oranges and limes then candy the peel in honey

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In preparation for the Stackwood Food swap collaborative event with Kookery, I have collected a lot of citrus


Brie Happy - Baked Brie with Quince glazed pecans

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Brie Happy - Baked Brie with Quince glazed pecans - Cheese markers Designed & Made in Australia

I have a thing for cheese....Well let's call it, a dedication to the mold, washed rinds, sharp crumbly cheddar and gooey soft cheese.

I am cheese all the whey! (Oh yes I did!)

I think you may have guessed it, but a great cheese platter a glass of wine and friends is just about my favourite thing in the world.

It is the glue that binds many friendships and creates in me an almost kid like excitement, which as an adult you just don't get much anymore.


Are you Meal Planning?

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I have always seen meal planning as taking the fun out of the kitchen, spoiling spontaneity and being a slave to routine. I didn’t look on it favourably, as you can see.

I have been following 1million women it has opened my eyes to my personal waste. The wastage coming from our kitchen, from my shopping and cooking habits, I thought, that is it! This has to stop.

So we are a month into our new routine, I have to say, WOW, that actually made a difference.


Leftover Fruit Crumble - less waste more fun

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By fun I mean more dessert!

This morning wandering downstairs the smell of fruit hit me, you know the smell of fruit just past eating, it doesn't look good, it is soft and the question is, eat, cook, throw.

I decided, at 6.15am to make a crumble....with a mango, 5 peaches and 2 small apples. It may have been something to do with mini me 5 coming down dressed in a chef hat and apron. She does like those dress ups, and also the no ipads, no phones, no tv rule in the morning, otherwise no one gets to school on time!

Weekend rituals that should be daily - Daily Rituals & Monday musings

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The joyous act of baking without time pressure, expectation or worried thoughts of it being ‘good enough’!


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