Brie Happy - Baked Brie with Quince glazed pecans

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I have a thing for cheese....Well let's call it, a dedication to the mold, washed rinds, sharp crumbly cheddar and gooey soft cheese.

I am cheese all the whey!

(Oh yes I did!)

I think you may have guessed it already, but a great cheese platter a glass of wine and friends is just about my favourite thing in the world.

It is the glue that binds many friendships and creates in me an almost kid like excitement, which as an adult you just don't get much anymore.

So when I had the opportunity to start making little vids, cheese was on the mind, and I came up with this little number to put a twist on your cheese platter.

Baked Brie with Quince glazed pecans

Recipe ingredients

50 Grams Quince Paste

½ Cup of chopped pecans

60mlMuscat (or your favourite sweet liqueur)

200gram Brie

½ cup water just in case

Step 1

Put Brie in the oven for 15 minutes minimum

Step 2

Put quince paste in saucepan

Reduce down the paste,

Add a little to water to assist reduction

Step 3

Add Muscat

Take off heat & Stir

Step 4

Add Pecans & Stir to coat

Set aside to cool.


Amy x

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