Salad dressing: The key to enjoying salads

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White Nectarine Salad, with a white balsamic, olive oil and honey dressing.

My French flatmate in London taught me about the importance of a balanced salad dressing, 7years on I am still using her advice.

Her wise teachings as I remember:

1/3 Vinegar or lemon juice, 2/3 Olive oil, stir rapidly with fork

Mix in mayonaise or mustard or honey to taste(try a small spoonful to start)

Always mix together in bottom of bowl before adding the salad

Make sure the ingredients are good quality and mix salad just before eating.

Simple, yes, still took me a while to get my salad mojo, hard to compete with her innate ability to get the balance right every time.

Royal blue & Sweet potatoes with White balsamic vinegar with Olive oil, seeded mustard & mayo salad dressing

My tip is to balance the vinegar with sweetness of honey or a use a sweet balsamic vinegar like Forvm.

Forvm is my favorite vinegar, expensive but a luxury that lasts for 6months in our kitchen. They have a Cabernet & Chardonnay vinegar. Made in Spain. We found them when living in London at the Borough markets, and have been using them ever since.

Play with your salads, use beautiful stone fruit if it is in season. Sometimes just salad dressing a nectarine and fresh butter lettuce is all you need.

Roast pumpkin & Rocket salad with home salt cured Olives & Goat cheese


Or roast up some pumpkin, mix a Olive oil and Cabernet Vinegar salad dressing, wash some rocket or baby spinach leaves, and top it with some beautiful crumbly goats cheese, and you have heaven on a plate.

One last thing,always taste your salad dressing as you mix it, it’s the best way to learn how to get your perfect balance.


I would love to hear your salad tips and get your favourites salad dressings!

Amy @ Kookery


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