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The kitchen is one of the places that memories and nurture are entwined.

For me my fondest memories of my Grandmother, who has now passed, are in the kitchen.

It was where we would talk, eat and enjoy each others company.

It is where the kettle was boiled hundreds of times, where my grandmother would place a stick of butter on the warm recently boiled kettle, where we would have fruit cake my Grandad made, eat tuna sandwiches on white bread with mayo that tasted they heaven to my then mostly vegetarian palate, where she used the same butter knife for entire time I knew her, even when the handle had broken and it was just a metal blade and stump that was left as the resin had crumbled away.

At my Grandparents house, everything was treasured and collected, some may say hoarded.

My Grandfather, now in his 90’s has been transferred to a high care unit and all his possessions have been whittled down to a cupboard.

This meant a clear out of everything. And it made me realise that our treasures are only treasured if the next generation thinks they are worthy.

So as a family we have kept treasures that meant most to each individual, my Mum saved me kitchen treasures, the oak shipping container that accompanied my grandparents when they immigrated, linens and tea towels. There are even some ration stamps from the war years in England.

Beautiful reds of Western Australia’s north - Kept in pristine condition in a drawer by my Grandma
Beautiful Blue of South of WA - Denmark - Where my Mum holidayed as a child - Found with about 20 other tea towels.











On reflection, the saddest part for me is knowing that my Grandma would have really loved to use these items, her treasures, but that they had been placed in a cupboard or drawer, purchased, keep and never used.

Mikasa full dinner set and glassware

Life is short.

USE the NICE plates, DRINK out of CRYSTAL glasses and ENJOY the beauty of our daily rituals in style. 

Now for a cup of tea in the good china tea cup in honour of my Grandma.

Amy @ Kookery



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