When did I get so busy! Nothing to do with food just morning musings.

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When did I get so busy
What can I do to feel better?

Writing I used to love writing, the space of writing the space of sitting with thoughts.

When did it become about small notes and messages and no chatter just noise.
Beeps and dings

I used to write poetry, I used to make words sing,
I used to dream of creating something beautiful.
When did it become about money, profit and survival.
Business has become survival for me.
The struggle between creation and proving your work matters.

The intense feeling of having to be seen, having your work seen.
Making something that matters to you and enough other people to make it work.

I get it, things don't come easy you have to fight for it, you have to yearn for it.
But sometimes it is all too much and I want to stop and breathe.
Let go of it all, let go of the busyness of life and just retreat, create for the sake of it.
Create for the love of it, forget that it is about survival and do it because of the love of it.
No pressure, no ambition, just pure fun and pleasure of doing it.

Amy x


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