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What does it take to create less waste and eat more unprocessed foods

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1st Feb...it is the day I become more mindful of my waste. It is the day that started, with an empty coffee hopper on the machine, a dash to the local coffee shop and two takeaway cups, because I couldn't find my glass reusable cup....uh!


Wholefood Banana Bread with Chia pudding for dinner

Written by in Food

I had made this lovely wholefood banana bread from Wholefood Simply, a double batch when I had some overripe bananas some weeks ago. It was all cut up and in the freezer ready.


Chai Chai again, it's 2016 and it's going to be good!

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It's was a big 2015, lots of changes in Kookery world, lots of uncertainty too.The beginning of 2015, I thought I couldn't do it any more, that Kookery was just not going to make it....I had lost my mojo. It took me almost 6months to get it back, it was...


Where the vintage trail leads me

Written by in Nurture & Thoughts

So this thing, this love of mine got me through the 90's wearing woollen cardigans, vintage clothes, the odd 70's tie all while the obligtory doc martin boots adorned my feet. Then the hunt became more about furnishing and kitchen, special pieces, an obsession with cutlery, ceramics and 'retro'.


Preserve your Community - Preserving Lemons Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Written by in Food, Foodie thoughts, HOW TO guides

Create handmade, edible gifts, preserve your community and make sure you keep a jar too.


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