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Weekend rituals that should be daily - Daily Rituals & Monday musings

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The joyous act of baking without time pressure, expectation or worried thoughts of it being ‘good enough’!


My Weekend rituals - including Lemon yoghurt cake recipe

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I love my daily kitchen rituals, and although baking a cake is never going to happen daily for me. (unless my ‘Kookery tea shop project’ comes sooner than later) I love the feeling of  baking without time pressure, expectation or worried thoughts of it being ‘good enough’!

So with the time for spontaneity I gave this recipe a review! And I LOVED it.


Baguette bags packaging in Copenhagen - Stories from Kookery travellers

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"I was just thinking how amazing it is that your baguette bags travel the streets of Copenhagen in the backpack of a french chef who is cycling home in the dead of the night after putting amazing french food on the table for danes and travellers alike.......Makes your bags very worldy in a romantic kind of way."


A littlesweet recipe - Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream

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If you haven’t tasted the beautiful baked goods from LittleSweet Baking, I will tell you now, you need to! There is a little love and lots of JOY in every bite!


Baguette me not

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I LOVE our local farmers markets and go most weekends.

Our normal Saturday morning tea involves, a baguette, french salted butter and beautiful jam or honey. Good for the soul and the taste buds!

One thing I always had trouble with was ‘Where do I put my baguettes’?


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