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Discoveries of the local business kind

Written by in Business talk

One of my favourite things about being a small business is meeting other small businesses!

Sharing tips, telling stories and talking with people! It is also nice to get out of the office into the real world and step away from the computer screen.

So this week I want to share a little bit about who I have met and who you need to be having a look at.


Vintage Spoons need your Sugar bowl!

Written by in Food

Vintage souvenir spoon SUGAR BOWL re-homing program!

When scouting for new design ideas and general happiness vintage shopping

I find a lot of souvenir spoons looking for new homes, alas only one sugar bowl.



Temper Chocolate - Vote and Share - People to print power

Written by in Chocolate, New design

Chocolate has been missing from the Kookery linen line up!

With Easter fast approaching and refusal to continue with the ‘chocolate pun block’.


Melbourne in a Cup - A coffee cup

Written by in Coffee, Travel for Food

Melbourne the city that guided me and seduced me to the daily cup of coffee.

The city that gave me an appreciation and love of the coffee bean, even dedication to my favourite barista coffees.

What a beautiful thing to learn in a city that loves and respects the coffee bean.


Proud Mary is a little awesome!

Written by

Proud Mary came on to my radar, a little later than I would have liked, only recently I have been advised by my husband that it is on our ‘to do list’.

It is awesome, extreme word you say? Ah no, it really was. The coffee was exceptional, the service and atmosphere excellent.


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