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Me My Cake and I

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Far from home on a Saturday night, deposited from my taxi into the raining night. I look across the road to see brick white tiled walls, ambient light and beautiful wood and glass front of what I thought was a restaurant.

I was drawn to it immediately, and on the search for a little dessert I had to have a look.


'Give me space' said the cake

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By giving cake space, I mean allow it to fill a moment. Give it the space to be enjoyed.

Sometimes life can get a little like takeaway.

We are ‘on the go’, we are thinking about everything else and not what we are eating.


A little story about Kookery and 'kath and kim'

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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to meet a few amazingly talented and determined business women and eat cake.

In conversation, the topic of Kath and Kim show came up. Whether you love it or hard it, it is a really humourous reflection on our lives, or maybe a little of where we came from and if you are anything like me, you have worn one of those parasilk pant suits and thought you were cool in the early 90’s.


The coffees

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The best thing about a daily ritual is that it is daily!!
Repeatable, and dependable.

Looking back on my instagram pics I had to share this!


Frame your Kookery prints and Quirk your Kitchen

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 It’s easy to Quirk your Kitchen with Kookery


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