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You make me a batter person

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The great thing about Kookery is the community of people that support it.

I do get a few suggestions, some are great, some not so much.

This design came from the misspelling of one word in an email between two sisters!

Make lettuce sexy

Written by in Food, Recipe

It’s a new year and it is likely that we have thought more about lettuce, green things, how we should eat more green things...and with the heat frankly that is all I want!

So I have been thinking, and have posted on this before, that I need to start a little repertoire of salad dressings I love.


Sticky Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Written by in Food, Recipe

I LOVE instagram....huh, what about the chicken wings you ask!

Well, I took a photo of the chicken wings we made last night!

And by request here is the recipe, one of the favourites in our house.


Fit foodie? Can you be one? Plus recipe

Written by in Food, Foodie thoughts, Recipe

When I hear ‘foodie’, I think of indulgence immediately.

But when think about it, it is really that we want to celebrate food, seasonal, fresh, food produced with love in the community you live in or abroad. (when I say food abroad, I am primarily pinning for cheese, gooey gooey cheese!)


Wrapping without paper

Written by in Food, HOW TO guides

I love giving gifts. I love vintage.

I love to use my vintage in my gifts, it justifies my collecting and it makes the wrapping a one off and part of the gift! Win win!


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