Opinel Bread knife BACK IN SEPT 22


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I have always loved Opinel, as they consider quality and sustainability. 

For years I’ve had a, let’s say terrible bread knife. 
I’ve literally struggled to cut our beautiful sourdough loaves for over ten years!!

I paid more for those artisan sourdough loaves than I paid for my knife over ten years ago.

Seriously...I’m not sure what has taken me so long so when I started stocking Opinel bread knives in store, after a customers recommendation, our new opinel bread knife glides through the bread like it’s butter. 

If you’re struggling to get your bread knife to glide and it’s a workout to cut slices, then I highly recommend this knife.

Strong, light and efficient this knife is gently curved to improve cutting ability. 

12" x 3" x 1"
Blade Material
Stainless Steel
Blade Length
Handle Material
Beech Wood

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