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Australian-made healthy & multi-generational cookware

AUS-ION™ 'Quenched' 22cm Wrought Iron Sauteuse Pan

Deeper sides than a standard skillet, this pan ideal for one-pan meals such as frittatas, scrambled eggs, baking (bread & cakes) and small roasts. Also great for deep frying and pan searing.


AUS-ION™ 'Quenched' 24cm Wrought Iron Crêpe/Griddle Pan

The ultimate crepe / griddle pan! 4mm thick iron for even heating. Also ideal for steaks, fish, eggs and perfectly browned pizza crusts.

AUS-ION™ 'Quenched' 26cm Workhorse Skillet

One of our most popular workhorse pans. Perfect for all of your everyday frying & baking needs. Meats, family pies and frittatas, eggs, stirfries. Achieve the perfect sear on a steak!


AUS-ION™ 'Quenched' 30cm Wrought Iron Skillet

Australian-made, seamless 1-piece, locally sourced iron commercial pan. 'Satin' finish: shot-peened, lightly pre-seasoned, no stripping required. More seasoning recommended for best results.

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