Clinq Cooper Champagne Flutes


Our store is based in the McLaren Vale wine region with many champagne drinkers. These are a hit in store. 

The set of two flutes comes in it's own gift box, lovely to drink from and make the perfect keepsake gifts that give the blend of luxury and practicality.

Copper is renowned for keeping your drinks cool, and when you pour a chilled bottle of bubbly into our copper flutes, you’ll see the condensation form on the outside, creating an all-round sensory experience.

And are you wondering whether drinking wine from copper glassware affects the palate, or lends a ‘metal’ taste to the wine? The copper glassware is copper plated inside and out. It is then coated with a clear, food-safe and durable coating that keeps your glassware gleaming and your drink tasting how it should.


Each set comes with a product care card and microfibre polishing cloth.

Not dishwasher safe and we recommend hand-washing.

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