Food Pouch & Silicone Lids


I love that the packaging on this product is a food pouch, what a great idea. The silicone lids are a great way to preserve your food in fridge. 

The details:

Includes: 6 stretchy food-grade silicone lids in various sizes + 1 bonus leakproof food pouch. All products in this set are food-grade and BPA-free.

Safe for dishwasher, fridge, freezer and microwave.

Lid sizes by diameter: 

1 x Extra Small 65mm - Suitable for onions and lemons, tins or cans and small containers 

1 x Small 90mm - Suitable for oranges or very small bowls 

1 x Medium 110mm - Suitable grapefruits and pineapples or small bowls and containers

1 x Large 135mm - Suitable for melon or medium bowls and containers

1 x Extra Large 155mm - Suitable for soup bowls, small plates

1 x Jumbo 200mm - Suitable for large salad bowls or saucepans

Colour: Translucent silicone

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