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I love this because you can plant the seedlings straight into the ground. Plastic free, and recycles newspaper. Don't read the news anymore, get the local newspaper or find a friend or neighbour that does. 


This eco-friendly pot maker from Burgon & Ball is made from FSC certified wood and allows you to recycle your old newspapers into something useful!

You can make limitless supplies of sturdy biodegradable pots for seeds, seedlings and young plants.

This simple kit allows you to make a limitless supply of sturdy but biodegradable pots for seeds, seedlings and young plants.

Because the pots are made from paper, they will quickly break-down when planted, meaning that the roots of your seedlings are not disturbed during the planting process.

You don’t need to take the seedlings out of the pot at all!  Full instructions included inside.

The kit makes 3 different pot sizes: 3cm, 4.75cm and 6cm in diameter.

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