I love this to, it is the one I send my Mum a good supply of, she is caffeine free.

 I know the care Louise puts into every mix, which is mixed by hand, real cinnamon is used, not cassia which can be switched out. This is such a lovely caffeine free, antioxidants abound.

The details:

Ruby Red Chai is a blend of Organic Rooibos, Organic coconut flakes and freshly ground spices. Rooibos is naturally Caffeine Free and an antioxidant powerhouse. It has a nutty tea like flavour that works beautifully with the spices, with or without milk. The coconut flakes add a delicious creaminess to the Ruby Red Chai making it hard to stop at one! Our Red Chai is the perfect choice if you love the flavour of chai without the caffeine.

Sugar free and Vegan.

Gold Medal Winner at the Golden Leaf 2015

Add a Kookery tea towel - A teapot shared is a problem halved

 *Please note Purchasing tea only

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