Tea towels for the Bees


Pre-order available now - lead time 2-3weeks.

As many of us are, I've been feeling quite helpless with the current crisis all over Australia.

I did the only thing I could think of to help, designing.

It's been such a traumatic start to the year, with the fires around Australia.

Close to us, Kangaroo Island has been dramatically hit with fires, losses in their bee hives, wild life, beloved locals and peoples livelihoods.

We will be donating $15 from every tea towel sold in January.

Watching the tv interview with an apiarist from Island Beehive in tears, has stayed with me.

I have spent time designing, and now I need your help.

I'm printing two tea towels, to support the bee keepers affected by the fires.

Every bee keeper I have ever met and spent time speaking with has a story to tell of losses, stolen hives, drought impacting habitats, heat, and fire.

I want to help support their amazing dedication and work.

I will be splitting the donations between these two Kangaroo Island bee keepers.



I want to also acknowledge you all for your support.

Amy x

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