Foodie Affirmation Tea towels

Affirmations made for the foodie, this collection is for you, a little tongue in cheek, but we need to embrace what nourishes us, sometimes it's salad and sometimes a cupcake.

And yes empowerment can come from what we eat. You know we are capable of eating amazing things.

Collect the set with our Desk Foodie Affirmations with their own little stand.

Foodie affirmations 100% Cotton tea towel
6 results
You are capable of eating amazing things - 100% Cotton tea towel
Good things come to those who bake - 100% Cotton tea towel
All 'bout that bake, 'bout that bake, no trouble - 100% Cotton tea towel
Let's get Fizzical Fizzical - 100% Cotton tea towel
SET OF TWO - Let's get Fizzical Fizzical
Lets get this parfait started - 100% Cotton tea towel
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