Kookery Story


I started with a black marker, paper, a cup of tea and a little circles full of things I love, along with the knowledge that I wanted to make my own product.

 Our first design 'Too Many Cookbooks not enough dinners' was the first ever design. I used a vintage knife, fork and spoon gathered on one of my many vintage hunting trips, photographed it and worked on it in Adobe to create the silhouette.

And then played in my notebook with words, over coffee and wine, to finally bring this design to life.

From those circles full to the brim of much loved past times, food, coffee, falling for my barista (in a thank you for my morning coffee kind of way) simple kitchen pleasures, I created a tangible product, from the things I love.

And that's how Kookery was born.

We want to quirk your kitchen and celebrate the little things in your day.

We love quirky, we live for puns, love a little fun and absolutely love it when you see yourself or a friend in our quotes.

We handcraft each quote from an idea and combine it with coffee, tea, wine or home brew, lots of scribbling notes, and our friend Evernote!

Our designs come from pieces of kitchenalia, photographed and then rendered in silhouette, showing off their bold vintage shapes. Or they are hand drawn.

We love sharing our love of food, coffee, baking, vintage and love that we have been able to build a little community with the people that love Kookery too.

My favourite part of being the designer is to see it grow from my own head into a laugh, giggle and smile on your face.

Thanks for reading this far, I am so glad you are here, and with your support I can say, I make a living by hunting for vintage pieces and creating fun foodie puns, with a lot of bookkeeping and general running of a small biz to.

Wow, so dreams can come true!

Amy x

 Want more? 

Contact me:

Email me - amy@kookery.com.au



 FIND OUR STORE: 18c High street, Willunga

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