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To Brie or not to Brie that is not a question
Grin and Camembert it tea towel
Too many cookbooks not enough dinners
Baking is only fun when you lick the spoon

Kookery store

Celebrate your daily rituals with Kookery.

Kookery makes the practical beautiful and brings 'the joy of life' to everyday rituals.
Our designs come from pieces of kitchenalia, photographed and then rendered in silhouette, showing off their bold vintage shapes.
The clever quotes come from a mind that is as smitten with humour as it is with souffle. The result?
Kitchenware with a quirky twist.
Designed in Australia

Christmas G+Trees -Things are getting peel!



Yes I did bring out all the puns on this sunny day...

We think these are great and thought we would share our foodie decorations. 

Get kitchen crafty, you will need:

1. Oranges, lemons, blood oranges and limes are all good options, especially if you have them in abundance.

2. Dehydrator. Look at borrowing from a friend or check free swap facebook pages or invest in one to get your summer harvest turned into on the go snacks.

***I have tried oven dehydrating before without success as it tends to burn and not have the glassy beautiful finish.

3. Scissors, string and jars (if gifting glass re-usable container are perfect)

When life brings you oranges make festive garlands, foodie gifts and think festive thoughts.

Options: I have put a pinterest board together for you with ideas.

Garlands, add to natural wreaths, add to table decor, wrap string and citrus around napkin, gift with a beautiful bottle of Australian gin**

**Click here: Previous blog on fav gin


Amy x



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People don’t have dinner parties anymore...

People don’t have dinner parties anymore - I heard someone talking on the radio about our fear of the dinner party in the age of Instagram perfection, our glorification of busy, we don’t make the time to entertain.

She said ‘invite people over even if you order fish and chips, gather and be together and create connection.’

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Put the oven ON!

Put the oven ON!

Winter the perfect time to put on your oven!

Last month, I did a photoshoot in a local airbnb with Sweetshute.

I got taking to one of the models there about easy healthy food their kids could make with lots of protein and no bread.

It is really easy to just make a sandwich, but for me it isn't something I can do every day....


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