People don’t have dinner parties anymore...

People don’t have dinner parties anymore - I heard someone talking on the radio about our fear of the dinner party in the age of Instagram perfection, our glorification of busy, we don’t make the time to entertain.

She said ‘invite people over even if you order fish and chips, gather and be together and create connection.’

The funny thing was that I heard it on the morning we had our end of winter / housewarming party, I had woken with a sore back, we had started cooking two days before, because we like to over complicate life haa haa. 

I had just set the date. I got to overcomplicate it later haa haa! 

But still it was awesome, fun, and we started to get to know our community a little more. The one that had been open enough to invite us to two dinner parties within our first 6months of moving here. 

(Dinner parties multiply dinner parties it seems.)

The one thing I have learnt from moving around so many times is:

'It is better to gather around a simple meal, than wait for the 'perfect' time/recipe/house.'

I learnt this by, waiting 2 years when we lived in Perth to have a house warming party, because the house never seemed 'finished enough', letting time whizz by and then feeling the time wasn't right, worrying about what to serve, waiting for the perfect (fill the blank). 


Just make a date, invite people, do what you can, and supply a cheese platter, that’s my hot tip.

Still nervous, maybe:

1. Get people to bring food along

2. Order take away

3. Make your favourite dish that you've done lots of times and you feel good making

4. Invite people you'd like to know better, I am certain it fast tracks friendships.

5. Add cheese - I would say that ha! 

Just ‘Grin and Camembert it’, don’t put it off, make a date, there will always be something else to do, BUT send the invite, gather and break cheese together.

Because creating connection over food is so joyful, you don’t want to miss an opportunity, life can speed by.


In the spirt of making entertaining easy I have put together my tips for cheese platters, it's not just something to serve at a party... 

but a conversation starter, they get the party started, it's hard not to have a smile on your face when you have a cheese platter in front of you.

Spring is here, dust off the platters, add bubbles 🥂 and add our cheese markers if you'd like to.

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Amy Palmer-Millin

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