Put the oven ON!

Winter the perfect time to put on your oven!

Last month, I did a photoshoot in a local airbnb with Sweetshute.

I got taking to one of the models there about easy healthy food their kids could make with lots of protein and no bread.

It is really easy to just make a sandwich, but for me it isn't something I can do every day.

So I put together a little list of three lunch meals he could try making, could pack and take with him and it all came from this frittata above.

I had leftover roast veges, steamed broccoli and buttered brussel sprouts...it tasted better than you think, I promise.

Grab the recipe PDF here or save as a photo above to your phone.

CREDIT: In Caffeine we trust natural linen tea towel


Here's a recipe I need to try and came very highly recommended.

Super Simple Family style bread

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Amy Palmer-Millin

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