Christmas G+Trees -Things are getting peel!



Yes I did bring out all the puns on this sunny day...

We think these are great and thought we would share our foodie decorations. 

Get kitchen crafty, you will need:

1. Oranges, lemons, blood oranges and limes are all good options, especially if you have them in abundance.

2. Dehydrator. Look at borrowing from a friend or check free swap facebook pages or invest in one to get your summer harvest turned into on the go snacks.

***I have tried oven dehydrating before without success as it tends to burn and not have the glassy beautiful finish.

3. Scissors, string and jars (if gifting glass re-usable container are perfect)

When life brings you oranges make festive garlands, foodie gifts and think festive thoughts.

Options: I have put a pinterest board together for you with ideas.

Garlands, add to natural wreaths, add to table decor, wrap string and citrus around napkin, gift with a beautiful bottle of Australian gin**

**Click here: Previous blog on fav gin


Amy x



Amy Palmer-Millin

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