Kookery Cross over Apron


I love an apron! I've designed these with a crossover back, for two reasons,

1. These gorgeous aprons just sit nicely on your shoulders without pressure on your neck.

2. Cover where your 'floury' hands land, and actually there is a third reason, they're lovely soft linen which makes them nice to wear, and super comfortable. 

Your Kookery apron comes in a little linen drawstring bag. (You can use the little bag, to hold cutlery at a picnic, bread rolls, store your beeswax wraps or anything else that needs containing.)

Length 110 from shoulder

Width of full apron 103cm*

*so it covers the side of your thighs where those flour hand prints always land.

Our aprons are in the same gorgeous soft natural unbleached 100% linen as our tea towels.

As we work with a natural linen product there will be slight variations in colour.

Original design concept from KookeryTM

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