I love this, it is the only Masala chai in my kitchen, I adore it, because I know the care Louise puts into every mix, which is mixed by hand, real cinnamon is used, not cassia which can be switched in some mixes. 

The details:

A rich malty Orange Pekoe blended with freshly ground spices.  We love this tea because it has a full tea flavour to balance all the lovely spices and enough body to work with the milk in a rich Chai Latte. This is our strongest and most fragrant Masala Chai blend, perfect for a morning chai.

100% natural with no preservatives, flavourings or essences added.

Suitable for Vegans. Spice up your life naturally!

You are only purchasing Ruby chai tea. 

 Add a Kookery tea towel - A teapot shared is a problem halved

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